Friday, December 21, 2007

Merry Christmas and Happy dogsleddn 2008.

Hope all my dogsleddn friends and their four legged friends get lots of snow and a hard packed trail for Christmas. We'll be seeing you soon out on the trail but until then have a save holiday. Kortright Feb.2/3,2008.
Here is my Sasha talking to the PT team during a photo shoot at the Wasaga Beach Race a few years ago.
A special thanks to Jasmine for all the pictures this year. They really help my blog.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Race Schedule-Sibes and Open

Here are some important Race dates for Siberian Sprints for 2008. Ontario

Jan.26/27/08 Haliburton Highlands.-Sibe Class in the previous years
Feb.2/3/08 Kortright Centre- Siberian Race 3 and 4 dog *4 miles
Feb.9/10/08 Kearny- Sibe Class now.
Feb23/24/08 Cannington- Open(good Sibe group)
March1/08 Apsley Winterfest-Open
March 1/2/08 Markstay-Warren Challenge the Champ

**Marmora and Bancroft not on

Sunday, December 09, 2007

bad breeding

Well, the first time since as long as I can remember we have had an early snow fall.
Hopefully it will keep coming and we will have a successful race season.
My trails are snow and ice and I can not run on rig or sled but I am enthusiastic.
One other problem is this new lead dog has heavy feet. He runs like an elephant.
His dad seemed so strong and bull headed. I might have to stop this breeding line.

The Kortright race will be held on February 2-3, 2008 this year.
I hope to have all the mailrun people out this year,The Western Ont. Area, The Eastern Ont. Area and as many others as possible. Maybe our friend bi-coastal Dan from BC will show up with his Nova Scotia plates.
Talk with you soon.

Sunday, November 04, 2007


I can't believe I haven't written in my blog since August 07.
The weather has been good for golfers-not so good at all for us dog sledders.
Nov. 05/07 and it is going to be 10 degrees. Sounds Like a golf day.

Anyways, I had some Dog sledding visitors from the UK (Hugh and Pauline) come to Canada. They had a grand old time. I arranged a nice tour of three kennels ( John Liversage,
Gerald/ Yvonne Clarke and Lynn Hiley) .
First stop- John gave them a tour of his kennel. He talked about equipment and I learned something new about ganglines and the proper measurements. Gail made us some great sandwiches and it was off to Gerald and Yvonne's.
It was the first time I have been to their kennel and I was very impressed. Personally a dream kennel and if you ever get the chance to go-GO. My favorite part(one of many) was the old round high school sink in the free run area that the dogs could play in. I had a quick chat with Gerald about his redline sled and I remembered why I didn't want to sell mine. It is not for sale.
Finally off to Lynn's. We meet the dogs and it was more food and wine for our quests. A very good dogsledding chat and we had to head back into the city. Pauline and Hugh ended their day at Elsie Chadwick's home where they planed to stay the night. The tour went long and I couldn't stay for the end but they told me they had a great time with Elsie (of course they would).
I will have to plan another date for myself and Elsie as I alway enjoy her tea, conversation and of course the archives.
They planned a day up at Leigh and Susan Gilcrest's. Then they headed home.
They e mailed me when they returned home and sent these pictures of their trip and some of their own team at the first rig race in the UK. (The pictures are not in order of the tour-Computor loser).
Thanks Elsie +2, John/Gail +10, Gerald/Yvonne+10 and Lynn+14= the 36 dogs on the tour.

Friday, August 17, 2007

My greatest moments running dogs.

Picture 1- Racing in Woodstock with Shelby and Tyler in Lead.
Picture 2-Recreational run at Walter's Bootcamp with Shelby and Cheyenne in Wheel.
Picture 3-4th place at Wasaga Beach-didn't see much Beach but we had a great time.
Sasha running lead with Cleo.
Picture 4-3rd place at The Kortright Centre Race-seconds from second.
Sasha running in wheel.
Picture 5-Lead dog training with Shelby and Tyler. I miss them both

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Kortright Centre and Nutro Products race date Feb.2/3,2008

The Kortright Conservation Centre and Nutro Products 3 and 4 dog Team Challenge set for Feb. 2/3, 2008.
This year there is only one date scheduled at the Centre and the date was specifically picked so that as many siberian racers from the SHCC Southern/Central /Western and Eastern Ontario can attend. Last years first event was cancelled because of the lack of snow and the second event was planned on the Mailrun weekend. This year I hope to have the mailrun members here as you were missed and I want you to have the opportunity to run on this trail. The Kortright Centre staff and I have agreed that this is the best trail that we have ever put together at the centre and everyone who attended last year enjoyed it very much. With this race still under ten years old it would be great to have all the champions return to run (Gerald Clarke,Colleen Heibein,Mike Oldenof, Kathy Kilbreath and Jim Rossiter). I don't think Jamie Mcnabb is racing but it would be great to see him out. When I first started racing I judged the race by how good the fries were(Norland,Woodstock and Kitchener had great fries) but now I judge the race by if I saw my good friend Walter Grohman there and I hope he will be at Kortright this year. I will try and have a Kortright 10th anniversary race and dinner next year. 1999-2009.
Last years times to beat for the two day event on this new trail stand as the current record as the trail is now 4 miles long and I plan to keep it.
* Kathy Kilbreath in the three dog class-35.23.
* Jim Rossiter in the four dog class -30.17.
Now all we need is some snow.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Happy Canada Day

Cool Day for Canada Day.
It's nice out. I have the air conditioning off sitting with the windows open.
The dogs are enjoying the cool day and so are the kids.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Dogs on the loose-Sasha 's home first.

Here is my kennel- two runs. The dogs were actually behind me while I was waiting to take their pictures-not on the loose. I could house two dogs on each side. The runs are 10 X 5 and they can go into the shed out of the sun, rain or snow. The shed is 8X8 (4X8 each side) split inside with straw beds for each dog. The shed is cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Sasha is on one side alone as she tends to dominate the pups when they are together. The free run area is 10 X 20. They all run together each day as I clean the kennel and they go back into their runs to eat so no problems occur. After that they eat, they play again when the bowls are removed. They like to chase each other from run to run until Sasha gets tired and then she tells them to stop it.
This is a good picture of my "Crazy horse"-Sasha. She will be six this summer. She is owning the ball. I'm very happy with her weight and shape as the summer approaches.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Link to

I emailed to see if I could get my blog linked up with them. I guess they looked at my site or maybe not and linked me up. I am in the kennels link and then click on Canada and scroll down the list to dogsleddn. Anyways I was honoured. I have been looking at sleddogcentral since 1998. and now I am linked....
Later I looked at my emails and Judy from emailed me and asked if I would concider being a mentor for Ontario. I am quite busy with my new job, two kids and my own dogs so I'd have to think about it.
I guess she did look at my blog and saw some interesting stuff that would make her ask me to be a mentor.
Anyways, thanks and a nice complement for me....

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

another dogsleddn game

Matthew and I played this game. It is fun and educational.
He and I both enjoyed it. Have fun. Go here -go to games and find mush rush in the north section.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Spring-Near Summer

Not much going on for a dog team in spring. A few hot days so the pups have been hosed down each day by Natalie and Matthew (Do you know how hard it is to get a good picture of the dogs and two kids at the same time. Well this was the best of both after 10 shots). As it gets hotter I'll do this each day. The pups expect it and so do my kids now. Sasha will have none of it. She would rather be hot than wet.
The pups sure look thin when they're all wet but they are really in good shape.
Played(terrible) golf last week. The swing was there but mentally the game wasn't. Plenty of time to improve and it will be fall again and time to train. Shouldn't really rush the summer away but I do rather love the snow.
Good time to clean up the sled, the harness and check my ganglines. Never ended up selling my redline sled so in a way it is a blessing and I managed to pay off the trailer with income tax money.
*Redline sled not for sale................
Saw a good Video(DVD) called "The Last Trapper" I recommend my dogsledding friends see it.
It's in the video store now.
It reminded me of my good friend Walter-I miss him and hope to see him soon.
See you for now.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Redline Sled "NOT" for Sale.

The photo was taken March 19, 2007. My camera is stuck in the past.
I love this sled but I really have to pay for my trailer and get ready for next year.
This is a great sled. It has QCR system(Quick Change Runner) and alumium break system.
I raced this sled for my first two seasons before getting a new sled. It just might be better than my chatmac sled I have right now but the chatmac is new.
$550. or best offer. This was the sled in the Hugo Boss adds two years ago....SO.
Please pass on the word. I will remove my flag and put a Canadian flag on.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Mackey is Champion.

Lance Mackey wins Yukon Quest 2007.
Heads over to the Iditarod and wins that race as well. Lucky #13. Not much luck needed since he won the two greatest races this year.
Early in the race he was looking to borrow a sled as he broke a runner in Rainy Pass.
Lots of trouble in Rainy Pass as 11 racers scratch from race there including Doug Swingley and Dee Dee Jonrowe. Our own Karen Ramstead from the SHCC scratched in Grayling(better run next year Karen).
9 Days 5 hours 8 minutes and 41 seconds from Anchorage to Nome.
Paul Gebhardt in second after 1150 miles only 2 hours off lead.

Checkout all the racers and the racers still out there

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Race season in Southern Ontario coming to an end

As we move into March 2007, the race season comes to an end and everyone becomes a recreational sledder, looking for some place to run. Hopefully, if I can co-ordinate this in time with CTV weather, I plan to be live on the show with a few other mushers. If the snow hangs around we can have a mock race on the show. It is coming together with four other teams eager to show their speed off on TV. I'll let you know when/if it is going to happen.
I leave you with this joke someone sent me I call "DUCK"-not quack quack type.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Feb. Kortright Centre and Nutro Products Race 2007

Well, The race was on and gone. Everyone had a fun time and I am very pleased that everyone enjoyed the trail and that everyone was save. Kathy told me it was fun but it still makes your heart beat. I will push some brush back and a few smaller trees I noticed when I ran Jim's HOUNDS(Thanks again Jim and Julie for the run and Cheri for the use of your sled-I ran your dogs and sled as if they were my own). Tracy from The Kortright Centre says she has a picture of me pooing on the fly (to the non- dogsledders it's like peeing your pants). I was more scared of having to pay for the sled if I crashed it rather than being scared of actually crashing. The hounds can move and I have never gone that fast except for when Walter pulled me on the snowmobile with my sled behind.
This will be the trail that I will continue to use. I know the trail is now save after Jim ran six hounds through there in 12 minutes. Thanks Peter for Marshalling,Terry for Timing and everything, Sue for the Nutro help, The Kortright staff for working as hard as I do and to my beautiful Maureen for letting me do my thing even though you were so sick. I met some new friends and it was good to see some old friends. I missed our friends who ran the mailrun and I will plan the race next year so I will see you all. Have fun and run between the trees.
Jim Rossiter winner of the four dog class and Kathy Kilbreath winner of the three dog class.
Matt Romanow-aka bi-coastal/polar Dan-our new friend from BC and/or Nova Scotia.
all results on

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Donavon and Mika

As a proud owner of Siberians, I (Brave-hence the Brave and Crazy) am honoured to feature my favorite sprint racing siberian in Canada(hey in the world) on my blog. "Donavon the father of my two pups". Along with"Mika the mother of my two Crazy(hense the Crazy) pups".
Mika coming off a fresh win at the Kearny Race in the four dog/4 mile siberian class. Filling in for the old guy who needed a rest after winning the 4 dog 4 mile race at Haliburton, the week before. Seems they are both great leads of our time and I hope my pups are half the dogs their parents are.
Thanks Jim and Julie for my pups
My dogs are for life.......................

The Brave and Crazy
Birch Bark Racing Siberians.
Crazy Horse, Geronimo and Cochise.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

WHY RUN.....

When you have team players with a heart as big as this why should we run. I'll have a umbrella in my drink please.
Anyways it sounds like a fun time at Haliburton. Wish I was there but I ran at my 3 mile trail and it was terrible. Puppies humbled me... I'll try them at Kortright next to see if I can get them around four miles. Trail is almost ready without straw bails until race day. I hope to get someone around the trail with a little faster team to check things out. Any takers available please give me a call.
Burlington's Brave and Crazy- Birch Bark Siberians into Kortright for a tune up.
Lay off the booze girls and lets go.......

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Kortright Centre Race Cancelled for Jan.2007

Well, global warming taking its toll on Southern Ontario sled dog racing. Third weekend in a row where we had to cancel a race. Kortright Centre and Nutro Food Products Team Challenge is the next to be axed. Our next hope is for the Haliburton Highlands race next weekend at Pinestone.
Sasha here running lead in red in the three dog event with some friends. Better weather at Kortright that year.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

dogsleddn game

Happy New Year 2007-unless your a sled dog. Time to take up herding.
I haven't been on sled this year except for this game I found.
I was even doing some head on passing. Haven't beat the computer game yet so it is like real life racing.

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