Monday, March 15, 2010

2010 Iditarod in the home stretch

With a few checkpoints from the finish it looks like it is turning into a sprint race. Lance Mackey has the lead by 1 hour and 14 minutes over King. Hans Gatt the winner of the 2010 Yukon Quest is chasing King. All three are into Koyuk and as far as I know they are taking a rest as no one has left yet. With five check points to go, it is anyones race depending on how long someone naps for. A good time to make up some miles if you want to for go the nap. With every team running just under 7 miles an hour, the time to the finish is made up of completing chores,resting and getting back on the trail before your competitor. Skipping an hour nap gets King 14 minutes from the lead.
Some of my other mushers that I follow are still at it as well.
Karen with them pretty sibes had to pull out with a sore hand that she hurt before the race even started. Martin Buser is coming along in 17th place. Kristy Berington is into Kaltag. Newton Marshall from Jamaica is in Nulato and moving along fine mon.
And our good friend from Haliburton Ontario- Hank Debruin is into Ruby. Keep going Hank your doing great-the SHCC Southern/Central Ontario Area our cheering for you.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Kortright Centre results.

Kortright Centre and Nutro Products 2010 Results.

2-dog Feb.27--------------2-dog Feb.28

4-dog Feb.27--------------4-dog Feb.28
1)Marlyn-8.56 ------------1)Marlyn-9.21**Gold Marlyn*
2)Barry-9.13--------------2)Kathy-9.32**Silver Barry*
3)Colleen-10.12-----------3)Joel-10.04 **Bronze Kathy*
4)Daryl-10.57 ------------4)Walter-10.19*Reserve Joel
5)Renata-11.58 -----------5)Bailey-10.59

3-dog Feb.27--------------3 dog Feb.28
1)Colleen-10.00-----------1)Kathy-10.42**Gold Colleen*
2)Barry-10.57 ------------2)Marlyn-10.58**Silver Kathy*
3)Colleen-11.17 ----------3)Dave-13.29**Bronze Barry*
4)Dave-11:20 -------------4)Vickie-16.39*reserve Marlyn
5)Walter-11.52 -----------5)Frazer-18.26

KORTRIGHT RACE Feb.27/28 2010 WAS A GO!!!

Well with one of the crappiest winters in my dogsleddn history we managed to put on a dog race this weekend. After postponing the January date because of lack of snow, it looked like we were going to have to cancel the February date. The Wednesday before the race we received enough snow to put down a base trail on a 2.3 mile track.
Then we waited. On Thursday night some more snow fell and Dave and I packed what we had but it wasn't much. By Saturday Morning 8 inches of packing snow fell and I packed that snow down before the racers showed up and we had a race on our hands.
Our well estiblished sponsors in Nutro Products, The Kortright Centre and Sue Moss from Ravens Watch, we had enough prize money, dog food products and prizes for two days of racing(separate times and race each day).
Saturday we had 4 two dog teams,9 three dog teams and 5 four dog teams. Everyone had a great time and left with some money- some prizes.
Sunday in the morning the trail was quite firm. We had 5 two dog teams,6 three dog teams and 5-4 dog teams. By the last race it was quite mushie everywhere. We managed to get through the day and even my 6 yr old daughter and 8 yr old son got to go around the first loop(thanks to Kathy and Bob and their dogs). They were thrilled but not as thrilled as I was proud.
There was a total of over 600 spectators watched the races over the two days. Global News was there but no one managed to see the shoot because of some hockey game.
Thanks to Dave, Linda and Tom for your help all weekend.
Thanks to Kelly,Dave,Pat and Daryl for timing on the weekend.
A big thanks to all the racers for coming and running this 2.3 miles trail(I hope we can get the whole 4 miles in next year)*Yes I will try again next year!!

A big thanks to The Kortright Centre and Staff and purse for this year.
A another big thanks to Justin Howard and Nutro Foods for all the stuff
(great startline/food/shirts/$$$)
Thanks to Sue Moss for the bootiest and collars(
See you next year and keep em between trees.