Monday, February 19, 2007

Feb. Kortright Centre and Nutro Products Race 2007

Well, The race was on and gone. Everyone had a fun time and I am very pleased that everyone enjoyed the trail and that everyone was save. Kathy told me it was fun but it still makes your heart beat. I will push some brush back and a few smaller trees I noticed when I ran Jim's HOUNDS(Thanks again Jim and Julie for the run and Cheri for the use of your sled-I ran your dogs and sled as if they were my own). Tracy from The Kortright Centre says she has a picture of me pooing on the fly (to the non- dogsledders it's like peeing your pants). I was more scared of having to pay for the sled if I crashed it rather than being scared of actually crashing. The hounds can move and I have never gone that fast except for when Walter pulled me on the snowmobile with my sled behind.
This will be the trail that I will continue to use. I know the trail is now save after Jim ran six hounds through there in 12 minutes. Thanks Peter for Marshalling,Terry for Timing and everything, Sue for the Nutro help, The Kortright staff for working as hard as I do and to my beautiful Maureen for letting me do my thing even though you were so sick. I met some new friends and it was good to see some old friends. I missed our friends who ran the mailrun and I will plan the race next year so I will see you all. Have fun and run between the trees.
Jim Rossiter winner of the four dog class and Kathy Kilbreath winner of the three dog class.
Matt Romanow-aka bi-coastal/polar Dan-our new friend from BC and/or Nova Scotia.
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