Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Donavon and Mika

As a proud owner of Siberians, I (Brave-hence the Brave and Crazy) am honoured to feature my favorite sprint racing siberian in Canada(hey in the world) on my blog. "Donavon the father of my two pups". Along with"Mika the mother of my two Crazy(hense the Crazy) pups".
Mika coming off a fresh win at the Kearny Race in the four dog/4 mile siberian class. Filling in for the old guy who needed a rest after winning the 4 dog 4 mile race at Haliburton, the week before. Seems they are both great leads of our time and I hope my pups are half the dogs their parents are.
Thanks Jim and Julie for my pups
My dogs are for life.......................

The Brave and Crazy
Birch Bark Racing Siberians.
Crazy Horse, Geronimo and Cochise.

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aspenhusky said...

Hey Joel

Donnie and Mika look great! Thanks for taking the time to showcase what awesome animals they both are. We certainly lucked out with the Don man! See you at Kortright.