Monday, November 03, 2008

Kortright Race Jan.31/Feb.01,2009

Well, I am going to put the Kortright Challenge on again this year.

Lets hope there is enough snow this year and at the right time so I can get the trail in.The race will be on Jan.31 and Feb.01,2009.
It will be the same trail as last year that no one got to run on except me -sorry.
It was a thing of beauty. Very similar route to the 2007 trail but smoothed out even more.

Jim Rossiter ran 6 hounds on this trail on the Sunday and Sean Burns ran 4 hounds on it the year before.It is a 4 mille loop trail. The only loop part about it is that it has no head on passing.
There will be two classes- 4 dog and 3 dog- same as before. Beginners can run on the 1 mlie loop at the end of the two races.
I haven't heard from my marshall yet but it's early. I need two timers so I will be looking for some volunteers.
Well that's all I can think of right now so I'll let you know as we go.
Keep your eyes on the trail.

Q:What are the commands you may need to know for the Kortright Trail???
A:Gee- Gee- Haw- Haw- Gee- gee- haw -gee- gee- haw -easy now- haw- gee -gee- on by
up-lets go-(two miles to go) haw- haw- easy-easy now-truck- truck- Good girls .
Exercise: now for any of you that have run this trail before think about the start line and follow my commands in your head. Did you make it to the finish line.
(When I ran Jim's hounds around I think I just said oh shit a few times).