Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Dogs on the loose-Sasha 's home first.

Here is my kennel- two runs. The dogs were actually behind me while I was waiting to take their pictures-not on the loose. I could house two dogs on each side. The runs are 10 X 5 and they can go into the shed out of the sun, rain or snow. The shed is 8X8 (4X8 each side) split inside with straw beds for each dog. The shed is cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Sasha is on one side alone as she tends to dominate the pups when they are together. The free run area is 10 X 20. They all run together each day as I clean the kennel and they go back into their runs to eat so no problems occur. After that they eat, they play again when the bowls are removed. They like to chase each other from run to run until Sasha gets tired and then she tells them to stop it.
This is a good picture of my "Crazy horse"-Sasha. She will be six this summer. She is owning the ball. I'm very happy with her weight and shape as the summer approaches.

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