Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Redline Sled "NOT" for Sale.

The photo was taken March 19, 2007. My camera is stuck in the past.
I love this sled but I really have to pay for my trailer and get ready for next year.
This is a great sled. It has QCR system(Quick Change Runner) and alumium break system.
I raced this sled for my first two seasons before getting a new sled. It just might be better than my chatmac sled I have right now but the chatmac is new.
$550. or best offer. This was the sled in the Hugo Boss adds two years ago....SO.
Please pass on the word. I will remove my flag and put a Canadian flag on.

1 comment:

M'Adair said...

Hey man,

I have no use for the sled, but I love the new look to your blog. Keep up the good work!