Saturday, October 17, 2009

My old sled new old look.

Here's my chatmac sled ready for race season.
Walter made this wind breaker for me in 1999 and managed to make the cover of the winter addition of the Norland paper that year. I stopped using it when we needed full dog bags instead of the old seat bag.
I wanted you to see what I did with it Walter. I attached it right over my dog bag where the zipper broke. I even sewed on some good old Canadian stuff to Canadian it up. Click on the pics and you can get a better view. If you look at my Feb. 03, 2009 post you could see I could of used it there. My dog bag zipper is wide open and acting like a parachut. I could have shaved 10 seconds easy.
I love it. It was almost my daughters powwow dress this year but she felt it was to eskimo for her (her words).
See you soon my friend Walter I miss running with you.
2010 Southern/Central Ontario 3-4 dog championship

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

It's official-2010 title

The SHCC/ Kortright/Nutro Challenge-team challenge's name has officially become the


It's a mouth ful but it's a pretty cool title to win I would think.

I wouldn't mind having that championship for my own dogs.

The trail will be the same as last year and it is challenging enough to have this areas race title given to it. I have worked hard over the years to get the Kortright Centre to get the trail to this point and I wouldn't want to change a thing now. It's a flat start, it gets tough and driver and team have to work together in the middle in-order to shave time and then it's a nice flat finish.

Hope to see you all there Jan.30/31,2010.

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Kortright Centre/Nutro "2010" 3-4 dog championships

I have an artist working on a very unique t-shirt for the race this year. Wicked design on the front and sponsors/ vendors websites on the back. When the design is complete I will try and put it on the site. I was planning on having 2010 championship on it but with the weather here in Southern Ontario I might just get stuck with em if there's no snow.

RACE DATE: JAN.30-31, 2010.

Please put me on your schedule- this is a 3 and 4 dog "Siberian Event"

4 mile loop trail-no head on passing. Same trail as last year this is my Kortright trail.

Please send my blog to any sibe racers that maybe interested so they can keep informed.