Saturday, May 12, 2007

Spring-Near Summer

Not much going on for a dog team in spring. A few hot days so the pups have been hosed down each day by Natalie and Matthew (Do you know how hard it is to get a good picture of the dogs and two kids at the same time. Well this was the best of both after 10 shots). As it gets hotter I'll do this each day. The pups expect it and so do my kids now. Sasha will have none of it. She would rather be hot than wet.
The pups sure look thin when they're all wet but they are really in good shape.
Played(terrible) golf last week. The swing was there but mentally the game wasn't. Plenty of time to improve and it will be fall again and time to train. Shouldn't really rush the summer away but I do rather love the snow.
Good time to clean up the sled, the harness and check my ganglines. Never ended up selling my redline sled so in a way it is a blessing and I managed to pay off the trailer with income tax money.
*Redline sled not for sale................
Saw a good Video(DVD) called "The Last Trapper" I recommend my dogsledding friends see it.
It's in the video store now.
It reminded me of my good friend Walter-I miss him and hope to see him soon.
See you for now.

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