Saturday, July 28, 2007

Kortright Centre and Nutro Products race date Feb.2/3,2008

The Kortright Conservation Centre and Nutro Products 3 and 4 dog Team Challenge set for Feb. 2/3, 2008.
This year there is only one date scheduled at the Centre and the date was specifically picked so that as many siberian racers from the SHCC Southern/Central /Western and Eastern Ontario can attend. Last years first event was cancelled because of the lack of snow and the second event was planned on the Mailrun weekend. This year I hope to have the mailrun members here as you were missed and I want you to have the opportunity to run on this trail. The Kortright Centre staff and I have agreed that this is the best trail that we have ever put together at the centre and everyone who attended last year enjoyed it very much. With this race still under ten years old it would be great to have all the champions return to run (Gerald Clarke,Colleen Heibein,Mike Oldenof, Kathy Kilbreath and Jim Rossiter). I don't think Jamie Mcnabb is racing but it would be great to see him out. When I first started racing I judged the race by how good the fries were(Norland,Woodstock and Kitchener had great fries) but now I judge the race by if I saw my good friend Walter Grohman there and I hope he will be at Kortright this year. I will try and have a Kortright 10th anniversary race and dinner next year. 1999-2009.
Last years times to beat for the two day event on this new trail stand as the current record as the trail is now 4 miles long and I plan to keep it.
* Kathy Kilbreath in the three dog class-35.23.
* Jim Rossiter in the four dog class -30.17.
Now all we need is some snow.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Happy Canada Day

Cool Day for Canada Day.
It's nice out. I have the air conditioning off sitting with the windows open.
The dogs are enjoying the cool day and so are the kids.