Sunday, December 27, 2009

Have you seen any snow!!!!

Question: What question/statement does a dogsledder hate to hear in January?
Answer: Should I rake the leaves or cut the grass.......

A Few more weeks until the SHCC- S/C Ontario 3-4 dog Championship.
No snow insite at least in this area of Southern Ontario.

Everything is in place, the purse, wild wing lunch both days for racers, prizes slowly coming in, gold-silver and bronze medals for both classes and a pretty cool looking T-shirt ready for print waiting for the alls clear. All we need is some snow on the trail.
I'll keep you updated but it's not loooking good as of Christmas 2009.
Some nice news-for me that is- my favorite bar QB's in Burlington,Ontario is going to put some pictures of me racing at different events and some framed pictures of Lance Mackey signed as well. Of course they have info on them of the Kortright dogsleddn event.
Check out QB's on the you tube link below.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Jacko looking for a home.

This is Jacko. His family's house burned down and they are looking for a home for him.

He is an outside dog and is very active and strong. He is not good with smaller animals.

I do not know anything about the dog except what I have been given. If you are interested please contact the family directly as that will be the fastest way.

Speak to Theresa (Stergon Falls).


Sunday, December 13, 2009

Igor and his Inuit Sled Dog

Here is an interesting article from our good friend Igor. It was written for "The Fan Hitch".
This is quite the igloo. I remember getting the email from him when he built it. I'd like to try if I had enough snow to make a snow ball here in Burlington.
Igor has asked if he might be able to run at the Kortright Centre this year with AVALAK.
I told him that I could put him in as an exhibition run. I have had Alaskan teams, short haired pointers and even a siberian team with a Border Collie lead dog last year. It's good for the spectators to see the different types of dogs that can run.
This is still a SHCC S/C Ontario event with the 3-4 dog championship on the line but I do welcome other teams on special invitation only who will not compete for this title.
It will be great to see Igor and his dog at Kortright again -my old friend.,N1FIDO.html

Thursday, December 03, 2009

SHCC Southern/Central Ontario 3-4 Dog Championship

SHCC Southern/Central Ontario 3-4 Dog Championship
Sponsored by the Kortright Centre and Nutro Products.
At The Kortright Centre Jan.30-31,2010.
20 minutes North of Toronto-North on the 400 hwy.
Get off at the Canada's Wonderland exit and go west 5 minutes to Pinevalley rd.
Follow the Kortright Centre signs with the White Wolf on them.

Both days schedule.
Dog sled rides from all day both days.
3 dog race starts at 11:00 am (drivers meeting/bib draw at 10am).
4 dog race starts at 1:30 pm.
Awards after the race on Sunday in the main building.
$2500 purse.
Gold- silver- bronze medals(Donated by Michelle Redstone).
Prizes-Nutro Product Dog food-signed photo of the man Lance Mackey(Donated by Joel).