Friday, January 28, 2011

8:30 am drivers can arrive

There is a drivers enterance 1 kilometer north of the main gates on the same side.
Drivers can enter this driveway and driver straight to the startline.
Spectators use the main gate at 10am.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

SHCC S/C Ontario 3-4 dog championship

Well, everything is in good shape.
Straw bails Friday and there is a race track at Kortright.
I will need some help with the start line when I get there on Saturday morning as it's in my garage right now. It take 10 minutes to get up so I'm not too worried about it.So let's race then!!!!
People can arrive at the park for 8:30am.
Drive in and get settled-drop dogs and then registre.
3 dog race is $15 a team 4 dog race is $20 a team.
The Marshall will give the trail the once over and then we will have a drivers meeting and bib draw at 10 am. The 3 dog race will run first both days and will start for 11:00 the 4 dog race will start at 1 ish pm. I have to spread things out for the Kortright centre as in the past. They are providing sandwiches and muffins downstairs for the drivers and handlers. If you want to order from the cafeteria you'll have to line up and fight to get back on time for the 4 dog race.
I'm trying to answer as many questions as possible in this blog as I might not get to another. After the two classes if people still have older dogs to run they can run at the end. The Timers and Marshall usually are trying to sort times out after the race so be patient and we will post them as soon as we have them done.
The purse breakdown depends on the # of teams in the 3 and 4 dog classes. If there is 20 four dog teams and 5- 3 dog teams I don't split the money down the middle.
Kind of choppy blog post but that's the best I can do. I will answer any other questions at the race at 10am.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Yeah Nutro Products!!!

Justin Howard from Nutro Products dropped by with the start line for the race, some prizes and the booth space(sponsorship) cheque.
Kortright has confirmed the purse money so all we need is a real good dumping of snow. I groomed the trail on Friday, it snowed on Saturday, I groomed again Sunday and they we had a few runs at it with the dogs. It was in pretty good shape and the straw bails aren't planned to be in place until Friday,Jan.28/11. Monday we got a sh-t load of rain. I haven't seen the trail since then. There is some snow expected this week so let's keep our eyes on it and our fingers crossed.
I had a picture contest for a free entry to the race. Of course all the entries are friends of mine so I had a non dog person chose the best shot.
The winner is Renata and she has a free entry to this years race. Thanks for the pictures.
I'll let you know how things look as soon as I can get back to the Kortright Centre.

Thursday, January 06, 2011


Well, I changed my Facebook profile the other day to my favorite Dogsleddn picture of me. It didn't help the Canadian Jr. Team but Silver is never anything to feel bad about. Anyways I used the same picture on my Blog as well-go Canada go.
The SHCC Kortright 3-4 dog Championship 2011 is quickly approaching. It would be nice if Mother Nature would send some snow my way to work with. I hear a little is on it's way this week but I could use more than a little.
I will let you know how things are coming along. Sorry that is all I can tell you but it all depends on the weather.

I was asked about Beginners/Novices(B/N) racing at Kortright. "What are somethings they need to know".
Well, everyone is welcome. I will have the 1 mile starting loop that people with their own dogs can come out and run and the end of the two classes-usually 2 pm.
If B/N's want to enter the race the must have their own dogs, have a sled, a dog bag, a braking system and a snow hook. The Marshall will check to make sure you have all the requirements. If you are not sure you have everything you need ask me and I can help you when you arrive.
During the driver's meeting or when registering a B/N should let me know that this is their first race or that they are a B/N. They will receive a bib at the end so that they are not in the draw-but still in the race. The second day bibs are given out according to their time of the first day eg. 1st place- day one- get #1 bib and go out first, Second get #2...This helps to make for a smoother run for everyone.
It is also important for B/N's to know that in the parking lot racers arrive and get the best spots possible to the start line. I will try and give directions on the first morning so that everyone gets a good spot. I may have to move people around so that bigger trucks with trailers all fit in. I have had 19 trucks to fit in a small parking lot in the past. The second day racers will park in the same spot as they did the first day. In some cases, racers don't return the second day and after the bib draw you may move up into their spot if it is better for you.
Another important thing to know for beginners is the passing process out on the trail. The teams are let out of the start shute one by one every two minutes. This spreads the dogs out so everyone has a good start and spectators can see more of the race. The race is judged by time so you are racing the clock not the other teams out on the trail.
If a team has caught up to you they have gained two minutes on you so they have a very good team. It is in your best interest to let that team pass you as soon as possible in the nearest/savest place. By getting this team infront of yours, this will help your team as you can now chase the faster team. I would recommend letting the team pass and giving them enough time... seconds to get going infront of you. Your team will be motivated to keep up with them but you know that their team is quicker than yours and I would not recommend trying to pass them again. This will help your teams time in the end.
At the end of your race please return your bib. It takes some time at the end of the race each day you calculate the times. The times will be posted when everything is completed. The second day after the times have been calculated and added to the first day there will be an awards presentation at the end of the day.
This takes some time so be patient as everyone,dogs and myself want to head home after the weekend of racing. If you are collecting miles on your dogs to get their SD-Sled Dog titles from the CKC there will be time for the Marshal or timers to sign your sheets. You can get these forms mailed to you from the CKC or the SHCC. I will try and bring some as well if I remember.
If you are planning on coming to the Kortright race and you have any other question email me at I will post your questions and answers on my blog.
Keep following my blog for trail updates as we get closer to the event.