Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Race season in Southern Ontario coming to an end

As we move into March 2007, the race season comes to an end and everyone becomes a recreational sledder, looking for some place to run. Hopefully, if I can co-ordinate this in time with CTV weather, I plan to be live on the show with a few other mushers. If the snow hangs around we can have a mock race on the show. It is coming together with four other teams eager to show their speed off on TV. I'll let you know when/if it is going to happen.
I leave you with this joke someone sent me I call "DUCK"-not quack quack type.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Feb. Kortright Centre and Nutro Products Race 2007

Well, The race was on and gone. Everyone had a fun time and I am very pleased that everyone enjoyed the trail and that everyone was save. Kathy told me it was fun but it still makes your heart beat. I will push some brush back and a few smaller trees I noticed when I ran Jim's HOUNDS(Thanks again Jim and Julie for the run and Cheri for the use of your sled-I ran your dogs and sled as if they were my own). Tracy from The Kortright Centre says she has a picture of me pooing on the fly (to the non- dogsledders it's like peeing your pants). I was more scared of having to pay for the sled if I crashed it rather than being scared of actually crashing. The hounds can move and I have never gone that fast except for when Walter pulled me on the snowmobile with my sled behind.
This will be the trail that I will continue to use. I know the trail is now save after Jim ran six hounds through there in 12 minutes. Thanks Peter for Marshalling,Terry for Timing and everything, Sue for the Nutro help, The Kortright staff for working as hard as I do and to my beautiful Maureen for letting me do my thing even though you were so sick. I met some new friends and it was good to see some old friends. I missed our friends who ran the mailrun and I will plan the race next year so I will see you all. Have fun and run between the trees.
Jim Rossiter winner of the four dog class and Kathy Kilbreath winner of the three dog class.
Matt Romanow-aka bi-coastal/polar Dan-our new friend from BC and/or Nova Scotia.
all results on www.sleddogcentral.com

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Donavon and Mika

As a proud owner of Siberians, I (Brave-hence the Brave and Crazy) am honoured to feature my favorite sprint racing siberian in Canada(hey in the world) on my blog. "Donavon the father of my two pups". Along with"Mika the mother of my two Crazy(hense the Crazy) pups".
Mika coming off a fresh win at the Kearny Race in the four dog/4 mile siberian class. Filling in for the old guy who needed a rest after winning the 4 dog 4 mile race at Haliburton, the week before. Seems they are both great leads of our time and I hope my pups are half the dogs their parents are.
Thanks Jim and Julie for my pups
My dogs are for life.......................

The Brave and Crazy
Birch Bark Racing Siberians.
Crazy Horse, Geronimo and Cochise.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

WHY RUN.....

When you have team players with a heart as big as this why should we run. I'll have a umbrella in my drink please.
Anyways it sounds like a fun time at Haliburton. Wish I was there but I ran at my 3 mile trail and it was terrible. Puppies humbled me... I'll try them at Kortright next to see if I can get them around four miles. Trail is almost ready without straw bails until race day. I hope to get someone around the trail with a little faster team to check things out. Any takers available please give me a call.
Burlington's Brave and Crazy- Birch Bark Siberians into Kortright for a tune up.
Lay off the booze girls and lets go.......