Tuesday, November 28, 2006

It must be sunny -Sasha's out.

Here is my Lead dog. My little Crazy Horse Sasha
She has great drive and she is always eager to run for me.
She has never really shown her potential but the pups have been a real handful for her.
She was the first really Siberian that I have owned that I didn't have to get off my sled and run for.
I have had to run after her a few times but mostly the running was done from my car. This is not from 1997-It's 2006. So I'm technically challenged-I really can't fix it........

Siberian Races in Ontario

Races of interest for Siberian racers.

Jan.6-7,2007 -Race for rescue:Copeland Forest-3/4/6
Jan.20-21,2007-Kortright Centre and Nutro Foods Team Challenge 3/4
Jan.27-28,2007-Haliburton Highlands Dogsled Derby 4/6/8
Feb.10/11,2007-Kearny Quest Dogsled Race 4/6/8
Feb.17,2007-BancroftFrosty Frolics 4/6 plus 50 miler
Feb.17/18,2007-Kortright Centre and Nutro Foods Fun Race3/4
Plus one mile run for fun/beginers-Races individual days on 17/18.
Feb.24/25,2007-CanningtonSleddog Races 4/6 2/Ski.
Feb.24/25,2007-Markstay-Warren-Challenge the Champ 4/6/8 purebred to.
Mar.3/4,2007-Elliot Lake/Bellididarace-4/6/8.

For more information on these events go to

Monday, November 27, 2006

The Pups

Here are dah twins as my son calls them or the goils as my daughter says.
Cochise has the racoon eyes and Geronimo has the long legs and the up yours on her forehead. It's hard to see but it has been there since birth. Sasha doesn't come out in the rain. She will be in the next shoot.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

BURLINGTON- CANADA's one and only


The trailer is done

The trailer is ready. I can start running abit more serious. Just have to get myself ready. I've looked at two real good places to train. One mile and three miles. Both good for the bike. I have a perfect 4 mile plus trail to train but they don't want me training with my sled as they groom it for cross country skiing. I'll be okay there until they have enough snow to start packing it for cross country skiiers. Hope to have some pictures of us running soon. It would be nice to see some snow this year. The kortright trail looks great. First time I actually went out to see it and it was in racing condition.
Here's mika my pup's mom. She was owned by Uwe Krupp a famous NHL hockey player but I know him as the famous dogsledder. Mika is now owned by Jim Rossiter and he owns my favorite siberian racing dog Donavon-my pups dad.
I'll see if Jim has a picture of him that I can post.
see you head on- the trail.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Waiting for my trailer

I haven't started training yet. I am still waiting for my trailer but that doesn't matter I haven't put the hitch on my car anyways.
My dogs are now eating high protein 20% fat but my pups are still a bit trim. I'd like a bit more weight on them before I start running. Their mom was the same way but I'll try and bulk them up some more. Here is my favorite dryland training shot.
Hope to be running soon.