Sunday, February 14, 2010

Lance in the lead by 1 minute.

WOW! Lance is in the lead at Pelly Crossing check point. He has the lead over Hugh Neff by 1 minute. Both teams rested for 5 hours and 28 minutes. Lance left one minute before Hugh and the were off. They came into Macabe Creek dog drop within the same minute and both drove straight threw. Hans Gatt was only 13 minutes behind them. This is the most interesting race I have followed and is any one's championship.
Lance tells that "Hugh and I have run over 4000 miles together during races". Hers is a picture from of the three leaders all looking pretty good and getting a meal. Lance looks as relaxed as he did there as he did in the picture of us at the Jamaican fundraiser in Toronto.


dogsleddn said...

lance pulling into Carmacks with a two minute lead now

dogsleddn said...

the race near it's exciting finish sometime Monday evening. On record pace for sure.