Friday, February 12, 2010

Haliburton Race this weekend.

The Haliburton Race will happen this weekend. Lots of snow and a good trail I hear.
I had some great memories at this race. I finished fourth just a few beers short of third (siberian Class). My favorite memory of this race was all the teams pulling in with their trucks and I drove into the park with my new Red PT Cruizer. I had my Sled on the roof with my new Canadian flag strapped to it. My three dogs in crates in the hatch. Lynn Hiley told me she was speaking with Leigh Gilcrest and she said here comes Joel..."he sure can make an enterance". That same weekend during the race I had some head on trouble with an open French speaking team from Quebec. We were heading down the trail and my Tyler wasn't moving to the side and the French team wasn't going to budge either(head on Race). They ran right into each other and there was a big tangle. The french man was swearing at me in French something to the tone of #@4*+#2#$%^ cursing the church aparently. Refusing to even get off his sled, I walked up, picked up my sled lifting it in the air and my lines magically(fluke) came out clean. I called Tyler ahead and we were on our way. Still yelling at me, I said your welcome. When I checked the times when I got in I had beaten the open French team. It was my goal for the second day to beat him over all. I did and I think that motivation actually help me keep me in my fourth position. I don't have any pictures of that race but here I am with my PT.Cruizer and Sasha at Wasaga beach.
I hope everyone has fun at the race and I hope to see you all at Cannington next weekend and at Kortright if the weather co-operates (I'll be the team arriving in the park in the Vanilla Pt Cruizer with the sled strapped to the roof with the Canadian flag on it and three dogs in the hatch).

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