Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Bowen Therapy 3rd session

I have my therapy on Tuesday's and by Monday the next week I'm feeling much better.
On my third session Amber did some regular moves that were familiar to me and then she worked on my groin. She started on the right side and I thought that hurts a bit.
She did the same move on my left side like she has before keeping things in balance. The move only last for about ten seconds maybe less but I wanted to scream but I managed to keep my cool. It hurt from my eye lids to my toes and then it went away.
After that she continued to work on my knee. I had been using some Adam Dream healer techniques up until then to help out but I lost focus.
I am very pleased with my knee at this time and I am not going to see Amber again for 3 weeks. I will let you know how things are on Monday.
I have lots of movement and a small amount of pain...nothing to complain about and a week to recover still.I am very confident that things are working. I might have to go in for another groin move just to see if it really hurt that much and/or if things are better. Crazy but that's how my mind works.

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