Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bowen Therapy on my knee before the knife

Well, I finally am looking at some serious therapy for my knee. I am not willing to go under the knife just yet without trying some Bowen Therapy. Over six years ago I had some serious sciatica problems. I was driving to Toronto from Oakville and back each day for 5 years. The pain got to be so bad that I was driving with my shoe off because it helped to relief the pain that was running down from my hip into my foot and cramping it up. Maureen told me about Bowen Therapy. She told me it has been known to cure sciatica. As a man I said "yeah right". I had to do something so I tried it.I went to "Let it Heal" in Burlington. I met Amber and she worked on my back, my neck and my hips using the Bowen technique. I got home and said this will never work in fact I felt worse. I was told by Maureen to continue as I was scheduled for another session next week anyways. By the next week I was feeling better. I did my session again and went home. I did the third session the next week and I felt 100% better. Two years later I was having a little sciatica problem. I went back to "Let it Heal" and Amber's sister Tiffany worked on my problem. Two sessions and it was gone. I have not been back for a sciatica problem for 3 years now(maybe more).
Over the years of off road training on the mountain bike with the dogs,a couple of spills on the sled,the Kim Leblanc kicking style that I stole, The Tom Iliffe catchers stance(See pictures in this post) and the carring of my kids to bed up 14 stairs for 5 years has taken it's tole on my knees.
A few weeks ago I had another crash on my bike and managed to hurt my right knee.I didn't hurt the left knee(the knee I am having trouble with)but after returning from Jamaica the left knee began to hurt and retain some fluid. The pain reminds me of a tooth ache, constant pain here and there but just in my knee of course. I have decided to Go to Bowen Therapy and I called for an appointment. I was surprised to hear Amber could take me that day. I had my first session and I am feeling very positive about it but the knee is still quite stiff, retaining fluid and sore. During my session Amber told me she had worked on her Husband's knee. He was a soccer player and she just finished her Bowen Therapy Training and was eager to get at it. She was quite successful with his knee and he didn't have to have surgery. I am hoping she will be able to do the same me.
I will see Amber again next Tuesday and I will let you know how it goes.

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