Thursday, May 06, 2010

Back from Jamaica

It must be spring, going on summer as I have neglected my blog again.
I just got back from Jamaica with my family. Maureen and I finally managed to get married after many years of dates just not working out. We almost got married one year on vacation in Bancroft, Ontario but it didn't work out. Good thing the minister apparently wasn't certified to actually marry people and had been marring couples in Bancroft for 25 years.
Jamaica was beautiful. We got married facing the ocean with our two kids right beside each of us for support. We had a nice reception and then jumped into the pool(swim up bar rules).
I was hoping to see Lance Mackey down there but we missed him by a week.
There wasn't enough time to track down Newton Marshall but we had other things to do(He seems to be more popular in dogsleddn areas than in Jamaica for now).
Here is a picture of Mo and I hours before our wedding. I was having a "Jamaican 8th wonder of the world" and Mo was having an "Endless summer".
Our kids want to go to Disney next but I can hardly wait to get back to Jamaica.
Hope all my dogsleddn pals are doing well and they are keeping their dogs cool mon.


Anonymous said...

Hi Joel,

Well you kept that to yourself. I didn't even realise that you weren't married. Huge congratulations to you both-it's good to tie the knot and finally make things officially for the kids....

Really pleased that you all had a very special holiday together.

Pauline, Hugh and all at Sybasprinter

dogsleddn said...

Thanks Pauline and Hugh,
Timing is everything.