Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Kortright 2009 Challenge Results.

The Challenge this weekend was to get the second day heats in before there was to much heat. Sunday was plus 6 at one point but our trail stood strong. Well it did weep in one area but only for about 12 feet. Other than that lots of fun, lots of spectators and lots of siberian husky 4 dog teams (18). This picture shows my physical ability on Saturday by the time it was my turn to race ZZZZZZZZ. Thanks Peter for catching me a sleep at the wheel. It's not really true Kathy and Robert I think it was a cat nap.
Well, here our the results I have everyones full name in the car and I'll add them soon.

3-dog race

1)Barry Cull-35:47.52 2)Colleen Heibein-35:59.82

3)Kathy Henry-Kilbreath 4)Laurel Turansky-38:15.24

5)Cherie McCallum-40:07.21 6)Daryl Schuler-53:52.49

7)Bailey Moffat-56:59.37 8)Vicky Hailey-OT (Sunday)

9) Renata Sauder-DNF (Sunday)

Cut of time-45:41.81

4-dog race

1)Laurel Turansky-32:48.09 2)Barry Cull-32:52.34

3)Michelle Redstone-34:24.06 4)Kathy Henry-Kilbreath-34:57.04

5)Joel Jamieson-36:07.15 6) Cheri McCallum-36:11.68

7)colleen Heibein-36:23.66 8)Walter Grohman-36:35.68

9)Janate Cooper -37:19.88 10)David Jolette-38:06.93

11)Daryl Schuler-39:59.21 12)Marilyn Graf -40:38.14

13)Dana Cranstone-41:02.64 14)Riley O'Connor-42:57.59

15)Jason Quinlan-46:31.03 16)Jason Quinlan-49:46.21

17)Mike Murphy-53:07.51 18)Marilyn Graf-56:44.67

Cut off time-41:41.87.

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