Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Kortright Challenge 2009 Pictures from the weekend.

Here are some pictures from this weekend at the Kortright race. I've tried to forward as many as I can and if I get more I'll send them along. I've talk to pretty much everyone and everyone loved the trail. This is the trail I will keep from now on and now it's up to the weather.

Saturday the weather was perfect for the dogs minus 14 but with the wind it was quite cold. At one time my eye frooze shut.
We managed to sneek it in on Sunday with the tempature getting up to plus 6 the last time I checked. The trail held it's own except for that one sloppy spot on the third field.
This was the greatest Kortright in the ten years. 9- 3 dog teams and 18-4 dog teams.

WOW the siberian teams were out and ready to go.

I will be putting the results on the blog, SHCC and sleddogcentral.com on Wednesday.
Thanks to Everyone who made it out. If there is a picture from this years race of you on my blog click on it and steal it. I managed to get 1 of me and I'll save it for the results page as it suited me for the weekend. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. I love it.....

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Dagny said...

Beautiful dogs. Looks like an amazing race. Keep on racing!