Sunday, March 15, 2009

Iditarod 2009

I was talking with my dogsleddn facebook buddy Kiara about this years Iditarod. As Canadians of course we started going with Canadians. She was going for Aaron Peck and I was hoping for adopted Canadian Hans Gatt. Both of us knew inside that we should say that "LM"was the man and no more said.

But as Canadians we like to see others win, vote for new comers and underdogs, but inside we should of just said "LM" and no more said. As we got to the end of our conversation she thought Jeff King would do well and learned many new lessons from "LM" from last year-No sleeping on the job with "LM" around. I always hope for personal favorite Martin Buser- always smiling.

Well as it gets closer to the end it looks like "LM" is making them all work hard not to come second for the third year in a row.

Just before Kiara and I logged off we said "Lance Mackey is the man enough said".

After seeing this picture I will always go for Lance. It reminds me of myself at the Norland race just outside of Minden,Ontario. We had to run through a farmers field and the cows- yes cows, were suppose to be in the barn. As I turn into the field there she was a big fat cow in the middle of the trail. My lead dog Tyler thought he could take her so he headed right for her. I set my snow hook -(actually the only time I can remember setting my snow hook during a race as a sprint racer)-and I ran over to the cow. See wasn't going to move so I wacked her in the nose with my snubb line and the quick release clip landed in the perfect spot and she ran off. I crapped my pants and finished the race. Okay it's not the same a moose but who cares.

Go Lance Mackey Go!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Great photo. Who used to organize the Norland race and what happened to it? That was before I became involved but too bad it's no longer around, I'm up in the Minden area. I've never had to deal with moose or cows on the trail, but my trail runs through my horse fields and we occasionally chase them out of the way during a run.

dogsleddn said...

It was Tom Illiff's race. He doesn't race anymore and if people don't pick up the race pieces when racers move on then we loose events. I loved the Norland race. It started at the recreation center and then into the woods,around two farmer's fields and through the gravel pits back to the recreation center around the soocer nets. I don't have any pictures of that race but my team was in the Norland paper but I never saw it. I'll have to ask Tom if he has a copy.