Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A light dusting -No way near.

Well some snow has fallen. I almost shoveled my driveway but didn't feel that the little amount that was there was worth my attention. I spoke with Kortright as they are a little more north than me and they were excited with the snow. It is no way enough to even think about a racing trail.
I would run there but I have run at York Regional forest after a cm had fallen, enough to cover the sand. We need wayyyy more.
The girls were happy to see it but wasn't enough for a lap around the block.


Gail - Silhouette Racing Rescues said...

Further north up here in Haliburton County it's looking better. Every day or two we've been getting a little bit added, and in the last day we've gotten a good 4-6 inches or more on top of that (and it's still snowing and more in the forecast). I've been able to get a nice trail packed around my property and things are looking good for the Haliburton Derby this weekend I'd say. Hope you also get more down where you are.

Mike said...

Jen and I want to come this year - not on my birthday week-end for once!!! Can you e-mail me the information and I'll call you if it looks like the race is off.