Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Oh No!!!! +14 degrees.

That is some nasty dog sledding weather here in Burlington and Southern Ontario (plus 14).
It is getting cooler but the damage is done.
We are down to the grass/mud.
Not a flake in site. Son of a gun!!!!
I'll keep you posted on the Kortright trail.

Heading in for some indoor winter sports I guess?????

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Gail- Silhouette Racing Rescues said...

Pretty nasty a little further north as well. Here in Haliburton County there is still some white stuff on the ground, but very patchy, lots of bare ground showing too. We are however getting some flurries coming down tonight. Fingers crossed that there will be enough in the next 2 weeks to go ahead with the Haliburton Derby. I read your earlier comment about Bancroft not being listed on the SDC calendar, I too had been wondering about that. Emailed the Bancroft Chamber of Commerce and they confirmed that it is on, scheduled for the same weekend as usual. That will be Feb. 16 this year. Gonna go do a snow dance I think :)