Thursday, January 20, 2011

Yeah Nutro Products!!!

Justin Howard from Nutro Products dropped by with the start line for the race, some prizes and the booth space(sponsorship) cheque.
Kortright has confirmed the purse money so all we need is a real good dumping of snow. I groomed the trail on Friday, it snowed on Saturday, I groomed again Sunday and they we had a few runs at it with the dogs. It was in pretty good shape and the straw bails aren't planned to be in place until Friday,Jan.28/11. Monday we got a sh-t load of rain. I haven't seen the trail since then. There is some snow expected this week so let's keep our eyes on it and our fingers crossed.
I had a picture contest for a free entry to the race. Of course all the entries are friends of mine so I had a non dog person chose the best shot.
The winner is Renata and she has a free entry to this years race. Thanks for the pictures.
I'll let you know how things look as soon as I can get back to the Kortright Centre.


Зеленый Гном said...

Hi there,

The picture in your post actually was taken by me two years ago in Kortright. Can you give a copyright notice on that, please?


Yan Simkin said...

Ah, and another two things... A person gained the free entry with a photo she got from Flickr from my account, is that right? I don't think that's appropriate.

And I plan to attend this year competition as well. If you have any special photo requests, I'd be happy to fulfill them. :)


Yan Simkin said...

Thanks for the copyright note.