Monday, January 25, 2010

SHCC S/C Ontario 3-4 dog championships

Well, the bad news is the race on Jan.30/31,2010 will not happen. The good news is that I just spoke with the Events co-ordinator from Kortright and a new date for this year's race is set for February 27/28,2010.
I emailed everyone and received 15 emails infavour of the new date and one undecided.
I spoke with Nutro Products and they said "lets get it on".
I wanted to feel comfortable myself with the date with Apsley being on the same date but Apsley is an open event. This would be the first year that the Kortright/Nutro Products/SHCC had the titles to present which is very good for the club and siberian husky racing. The Marshall is good for that weekend.I have to check with the timers and I'll see if Sam is available.
The SHCC 3-4 dog Championships for S/C Ontario are up for grabs.
I may have lost my chicken wing people but I have a month to work on them.
I also have a month to get some snow on this wet muddy trail.

Rides for spectators by windrift kennel also confirmed.

Thanks for all the support. It makes me proud to run Siberian's.


Renata Sauder said...

Oh noooooooo not the chicken wings!!!! LOL I believe in your charming skills Joel, you can get them back! :) And that sure looks like one mighty fine team in the picture ;)

dogsleddn said...

of course they're a siberian team.

Anonymous said...

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