Sunday, December 13, 2009

Igor and his Inuit Sled Dog

Here is an interesting article from our good friend Igor. It was written for "The Fan Hitch".
This is quite the igloo. I remember getting the email from him when he built it. I'd like to try if I had enough snow to make a snow ball here in Burlington.
Igor has asked if he might be able to run at the Kortright Centre this year with AVALAK.
I told him that I could put him in as an exhibition run. I have had Alaskan teams, short haired pointers and even a siberian team with a Border Collie lead dog last year. It's good for the spectators to see the different types of dogs that can run.
This is still a SHCC S/C Ontario event with the 3-4 dog championship on the line but I do welcome other teams on special invitation only who will not compete for this title.
It will be great to see Igor and his dog at Kortright again -my old friend.,N1FIDO.html

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