Sunday, December 27, 2009

Have you seen any snow!!!!

Question: What question/statement does a dogsledder hate to hear in January?
Answer: Should I rake the leaves or cut the grass.......

A Few more weeks until the SHCC- S/C Ontario 3-4 dog Championship.
No snow insite at least in this area of Southern Ontario.

Everything is in place, the purse, wild wing lunch both days for racers, prizes slowly coming in, gold-silver and bronze medals for both classes and a pretty cool looking T-shirt ready for print waiting for the alls clear. All we need is some snow on the trail.
I'll keep you updated but it's not loooking good as of Christmas 2009.
Some nice news-for me that is- my favorite bar QB's in Burlington,Ontario is going to put some pictures of me racing at different events and some framed pictures of Lance Mackey signed as well. Of course they have info on them of the Kortright dogsleddn event.
Check out QB's on the you tube link below.


Anonymous said...

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dogsleddn said...

Thanks so much...I enjoy doing it.