Thursday, September 10, 2009

Nutro back to sponsor Kortright race.

Well, I spoke with our Nutro Rep. Justin Howard and Nutro will be sponsoring our race once again. This will guarantee my $2500 between the Kortright Centre, SHCC fundraising/entries and Nutro. Having the reps at the race gives racers and spectators an opportunity to talk about the products and to get samples. They have always been very generious with prizes as well so a big thank you to Justin.

They have also agreed to help with some promotional $ that I plan to get shirts printed for the race. I will be selling them to the public and to racers that could also generate a profit towards the race. I remember racing at the Trillium Trail Race and buying a shirt from the event knowing that I was there and that competed at that event.

Things are really coming together and I am very pleased that Nutro will be apart of this event once again. Kortright will be supplying lunch for racers and handlers this year for sure. I made it clear to them how important that this is for racers so that they don't have to get in the spectators line, slam their food into them and get ready for the second event in the afternoon. Chilly one day sandwiches another. This has been a very nice benefit in the past.

I will be working on my vendors that have come from year to year especially the Pride gang who have been giving spectators rides every year.

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