Thursday, July 17, 2008

So, it's my birthday?? I feel like I did yesterday.

In my own opinion, I'm feeling 25- looking 29- skating like I'm 18 and walking the next day like I'm 69. That old knee has taking some abuse over the years (skating and sledding-not the golf though!). Uwe Kruppe did say sledding was a non strenuous sport. NHL didn't agree with him nor did my knee.
I do think my mid area is looking 43.

Hoping my young pups can drag me around with some direction from Sasha so that I don't have to run too much this year (thinking of that final uphill at Kortright!!??).
I remember racing at Copeland forest, thinking I was doing pretty well. I was working my tail off and then Tom Illiffe passed me in the catchers position smoking a cigar. I chased him for about 200 yards before he and his team were out of site. In better times I remember passing Jason Miller with 3 show dogs and shelby. I was running on foot, full out until my sled caught up to me and I jumped on-Fly bye technique. My worst moment was running up the hill at Trillium Trails at the Canadian Championships in Port Perry. I was so tired that when it was time to head down the hill I could hardly keep the sled straight.
Anyways out for wings,beer and cake tonight. It shouldn't affect me especially on this day.

Thanks to Robert and Kathy Kilbreath for the pictures. This is Kathy at Haliburton (FLYING)and a picture of their newest members. I might need to borrow a few dogs from you if you keep this up.

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