Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Happy Canada Day 2008

Well, I hope everyone had a good day on Canada Day.

The kids had fun down at The Bronte Canada Festival. Sliding, jumping, flags, ice cream and tons of people. Then we came home and decorated our house. How Canadian, dog sleds and flags. Here is Natalie and Matthew getting a ride from Yuke and Blacky.

Later, I had a few beers"what else on Canada Day, eh" with Curtis sitting on the front lawn in the dog sleds. Even a biker driving by had to take a second look. I'm sure he wasn't use to not being the main attraction (double negitive thing). Curtis's wife Venessa took this picture of us from across the street (didn't want to be seen with us-just kiddn).

I need some new pictures of my dogs on the blog-They are really maturing into the racing machiens cheins I thought they would.

If you would like to have your team on the blog email pictures and info/names to for July's blog post

Aug. 2008 will be licence plate month email me pics of any interesting dog sledding related plates.

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