Sunday, November 27, 2011

October/November-neglected blog month

Many people have commented on my neglected blog lately. I have no excuse.
As the weather turns colder I will get motivated to make some posts.
I have moved two of my dogs to Owen Sound so that they can run this year.
They are enjoying there time up North with Mark. I am enjoying their training sessions on Facebook.
My Sasha who turned 10 this year has a new kennel mate and they are such good friends. Lily has come to us from Bob and Kathy and we love her. I was luck enough to race Lily acouple of seasons at Kortright so I was happy to get her.She is so funny and makes us laugh everyday. They are not training to race this year as they are retired and they are learning to walk without dragging are arms out (work in progress-may never ever happen). I hope to get the two of them to take Natalie to and from school this year by sled when the snow finally arrives. This will please them both and Natalie of course.We tried it last year with the pups but they just wanted to run on the road and there just too many cars in Burlington to pull this off. Sasha and Lily have been walking to the school so they should know the route(return it should be two miles so a little fun for them).

The Kortright race is planned for February 4/5 2012. It is the same weekend as Marmora but most of the Siberian Sprint racers don't usually go to Marmora anyways. I am disappointed I had to have it on the same date but the it was sceduled as the same date as Cannington this year. Many of the siberian racers go to Cannington so them the breaks! I will give more Kortright information into December and January.

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