Sunday, November 15, 2009

My meeting with Lance

Wow!!! I really got to meet Lance Mackey.

He is a true gentleman and as humble as Alaskan pie. I really don't think anyone else at the top of their sport is as humble as he (Tiger Woods nope, Roger Federer no, Schumacher no I need to go any further-Gretzky well he's Canadian).

Lance was at a Fund Raiser for the Jamican Dogsledding team in Toronto and made the trip down to support them. He signed every picture that I brought and there was a lot of them without a single thought. I even managed to win the Lance Mackey come back Kennel sweat shirt that I had my eye on as soon as I walked in (directly after getting my Jamaican red stripe beer). At the event they showed the movie of the Jamaican Newton Marshall's run at the Yukon Quest. It was very interesting and if you get the chance to see it I would recommend it (4 stars). Another humble individual is Newton.

Well, I guess I can cross Lance off my list of people I want to meet (he has joined my list of people I have met along with James Taylor, Kim Mitchell, Ann Rohmer-I took her for a ride on my sled in the park in 1999 on BT. She nearly fell off and I had to grab on to her tightly, I didn't meet Wayne but I did play golf with his dad Walter Gretzsky... by the way this section of "name throwing" was for Hugh in England who I can say I have met when he becomes a famous rock star or famous dogsledder, which ever comes first.

Lance it was a pleasure meeting you and I'd be honoured if you carried my Six Nation Iroquois feather across Alaska during the Quest and the Iditarod -I don't want to slow you down but it is as light as a feather.

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