Thursday, April 30, 2009

Siberian Puppies and some adults 4 sale

Some very good friends of mine have Siberian puppies and some adult dogs for sale.

Some of the dogs are leaders and some are team dogs. You need to speak with them directly about the litters and the adults. Kathy and Robert breed racing Siberian's and are very active racers in the Southern/Central Ontario circuit. Kathy raced in the 2009 World Championships and received a Silver Medal in the Siberian Class.

Please contact them directly as I have no breeding information about their dogs (They have many more photos if needed).

They are good friends of mine and very gooooood people so as far as a reference you can speak with me about them and I'd say buy their dogs. I'd buy their dogs the next time I am looking.

Anyways call Robert or Kathy Kilbreath and speak to them about their dogs .

(613) 399-5632

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